On the St Vincent's campus, the long awaited St Vincent's Research Precinct (SVRP) development became reality with the Phase 1 opening of the precinct; the Lowy Packer Building. The building houses the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and the St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research (AMR), which came into existence in 2008 and incorporates the Clinical Research Program (CRP). The AMR-CRP provides a high quality clinical trials service across the Darlinghurst campus.

In recent times, AMR programs have actively participated in the Darlinghurst campus capital master planning process. One of the major outcomes is the overwhelming need to realign and focus on the development of structures and processes to integrate all Darlinghurst-based research and teaching initiatives. The Darlinghurst campus, one of Australia's largest and most successful bio-medical research hubs, will support and enable a greater focus on translational research where there is an intersection of clinical and research expertise.

During this time of continued transition the facilities of SVRP are working together, under the direction of AMR, on the Darlinghurst Campus Translational Research Steering Committee. The likely result of this review is that AMR will cement its position as the peak research body for the campus, while recognising the important contributions of the co-located but independent Garvan Institute of Medical Research and Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI). Their close physical proximity reflects the strong working relationships of these organisations, with many core facilities being shared among the University of NSW, the Kirby Institute, VCCRI and Garvan.

The ultimate aim to be achieved from this initiative is the critical mass required to support quality translational research, world class research talent and greater research funding. The vision is to create a world-leading health services and research campus that conducts a continuum of high quality applied and translational, discipline-based and multidisciplinary research, that is mission aligned and contributes actively to the relief of human illness and suffering.

The combined efforts of AMR and the Kirby Institute (formerly the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research) came together in July 2009 to form a single unincorporated joint venture and successfully qualified for State Medical Research Support Program infrastructure funding, ranking in the top three of the funded organisations in NSW. This partnership has an independent board of management, housed within magnificent facilities on the St Vincent's Research Precinct.

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